Crystal Palace Overground Festival 2014

I was recently asked to help the Crystal Palace Overground Festival team out with some illustrations.

illustration of children with cameras

I really enjoyed the event last year (as a punter) and given that it has become a major local event for the 'CP' community I was happy to undertake the briefs.

Toddle in the City

The first event I tackled sounds like a great thing for kids. It's a treasure hunt but armed with robust digital cameras, run by an organisation called Toddle in the City. All the info for their Crystal Palace  activities can be found here. I created an image for their Facebook event page and also a square version for general use that I'm also pleased with.

Facebook page for Toddle in the City event

illustration of children with cameras


Pop Up and Sing Along

The other project was for some imagery for a poster promoting a series of workshops for older people. These have been set up for older people from local care homes and day centres run in collaboration with Dulwich Picture Gallery ‘s award-winning Good Times: Art for Older People programme.

poster promoting singing events

illustration of people singing