Derelict Buildings - Vallance Road, E1

Illustration of empty buildings

I've completed the first of what will hopefully become a series of personal work, based on derelict and forgotten buildings in London. Using the initial drawing (see below) I developed my transfer technique to create the outlines in oil paint. I then added colour with watercolour (it won't paint over the oil outlines), with a little bit of acrylic white for highlights. The method of essentially creating my own carbon paper was something I thought I'd invented whilst doing my degree. I only recently discovered that Paul KleƩ was doing it years ago. It must be fate, good Karma - or a happy coincidence...

These empty shops are at the bottom of Vallance Road, East London, E1, just around the corner from Whitechapel station. I suspect they may be going through some form of refurbishment, and think they are fascinating. If you fancy seeing them yourself, hurry, as they are bound to become betting shops or gold exchanges very soon.

pencil drawing of a street