Drawing For Life - 3

Life Drawing 15th July 2013

Life drawing evenings continue (despite the dense London heat we have at the moment) at Betty Frankenstien's Drawing Room in Crystal Palace. I found an old pad of coloured, slightly textured paper that I think used to be my mum's (!) It even has the price written on the front in pencil: 10/- which I believe is 10 shillings. I've had it for years, but never found a use for it - until now. I thought I'd try my hand at using soft pencil, white chalk and working more tonally. I'm still wrestling with the speed that I have to work at during the poses but I guess that's all part of the Life Drawing Game. Learning that economy of line and tone to convey the human body as succinctly as possible. Anyway, it's all for the good causes of Art and Illustration.

Rowney sketchbook