Merchandise At Last!

'Subway Sphinxes' adapted for use as a t-shirt design. Well, I've entered the world of merchandising. Sort of. Inspired by Jules from Crystal Palace Subway, and liaising with Liz at Smash Bang Wallop (a home wares and gift shop in Crystal Palace), I adapted a design for a t-shirt based on my 'Subway Sphinxes' image. So, you can now buy clothing in a proper shop bearing my design. How cool is that?

'Subway Sphinxes' adapted for use as a t-shirt design. [detail]Jules is part of the growing group of people trying to raise the profile of the abandoned subway at the edge of Crystal Palace Park (see my earlier posts) and she had the idea to do something on a t-shirt. This venture is something good for me, Smash Bang Wallop and for raising the profile of the Subway (and the crumbling Sphinxes on the terrace). The small army of park lovers in CP get a small mention on the labels too (see picture): @cpsubway, @CPParkCommunity & @crystal_sphinx.

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