Nesta's 10 Predictions For 2016

  Nesta 2016 prediction illustration


A new commission for innovation charity Nesta got my mind racing, recently. Every year, they publish a list of ten trends, social movements and technological breakthroughs that they believe will impact people's lives over the coming twelve months. I had to create an illustration for each, along with a wide banner image incorporating elements of all the predictions. The subject matter, though fascinating, was quite complicated and coming up with options for every one really made my brain itch! Here are all the illustrations, with a couple of screenshots of the webpages when the campaign was released. You can read the full predictions in detail here.


On the night of the launch, in addition to inviting lots of informed/informative/informal people, the Nesta team had printed up my banner design for the wall of their communal space. In addition, there was a rather slick booklet produced featuring all of the predictions (with my pics, naturally).


Helen Goulden, Executive Director of Nesta

Nesta 2016 Predictions launch

Nesta bookletsNesta bookletPoster

Nesta Sketches