Peckham Printing

Screen Print 1 I thought I'd learn something new, and broaden my creative knowledge, so I signed up for a one day introduction to screen printing, last week. I did a little bit of etching at uni but no printmaking since then. Hugh at Peckham Print Studio showed me everything from start to finish. As I happened to be the only one learning on that day, it ended up being one-to-one tuition, which was nice.

I'd never done it before, so I think my first efforts are pretty good. It was lovely to get back into an atmospheric environment (and away from the mac keyboard). Inks, tinny mp3 speakers, mugs of tea, grubby overalls: you get the picture. I really enjoyed it and would to have another go soon (before my 'skills' wear off!). Here are 2 prints I did, plus a detail from an experiment I did that was deliberately off-register (just to see). The picture of me comes from the studio's Instagram feed: peckhamprintstudio.

Screen Print 2

Screen Print Experiment (detail)