Something For Everyone

Seeing as I've been slack on posting here, recently, here's a jumble of bits and bobs. There's no particular way of grouping these finds and images: it's just a digital pile of goodies to rummage through. In an effort to garner some more viewers, though, this will be arranged into Buzzfeed-esque numbered list.


  • Mermaid Court, London SE1. Inspired by a photo I took on my phone, I created a little birthday card for someone. She liked it, but was desperate to find a meaning in the arrangement of people, bollards and road markings. Any interpretations welcome. drawing of a Mermaid Court, London
  • The Past on Glass (i). I've recently started doing some volunteer work with the archives department at Sutton Library, to help digitise their collection of glass negatives. Here are four images of Edwardian ladies that I thought looked intriguing (and quite modern).


  • Expression Through Drawing. In an effort to show what is inside my head, and how drawing helps it come out, here's a new illustration. Oil, pencil and photoshop.illustration of man drawing
  • A Return To Life Drawing. I found a new untutored session in Croydon at Matthews Yard. I've only been once, but it's good to be back.pastel drawing of a nude woman
  • Balham High Road. I started this image last summer, but have only managed to complete it recently. I think the day that I shared it on Twitter, I was asked by Mimi's Artworks (81 Balham High Road, London SW12 9AP) if they could sell it in their gallery as prints. The lesson I've learnt is: finish every piece of work. You never know.illustration of Balham High Road