The Subway Sphinxes

'Subway Sphinxes'.  2013. Ink, coloured pencil. No, it's not a punk band from the 1970s. Well not on this blog, anyway. It's a pair of works that I mentioned I was working on in earlier posts. I had claimed I might be creating three, but I've decided to stick with two.

They are inspired by the six remaining sphinxes statues in Crystal Palace Park, and by the wonderful subway below the road nearby. This very atmospheric place, beautifully rendered in brick, once delivered 1st class Victorian rail passengers to see the glass palace in the park above. It's now closed to the public, but there are many local people working hard to get the structure made safe and open to the community. Luckily for me I was able to arrange access to get the raw materials (i.e. reference photos and atmos) for these images.

Sphinx statues

Rendered in with pen and ink (and coloured pencil), they have a dash of Victorian mysticism and definitely follow on from my earlier work involving the dinosaur sculptures emerging from the railway tunnel.

Prints of both are now available via my shop.

Here are a few of the 'works in progress' to show how they developed.