Year Of The Bus – Croydon Sculpture Trail – The Launch

On a sunny December day, my buses joined the trail in Croydon after a little press launch.  The 'Croydon Layers' and 'Surrey Street Market' sculptures hit the streets!

people looking at a bus sculpture


Surrey Street Market

The first bus of mine, that we came to on our mini tour of Croydon, was 'Surrey Street Market'. It's nestling in Matthew's Yard (rather appropriately), directly outside the cafe/arts venue of the same name. It's also a potato's throw from the market itself.

colourful bus sculpture

two men with a bus sculpture

three people look at a sculpture


Croydon Layers

The next stop was my bus 'Croydon Layers', which can be found directly outside the doors to the Council offices, in Mint Walk.

man standing by a bus sculpture


Transport for London have also produced some slick photographs of the buses, taken under studio conditions. They look great, and really make the colours pop out.

colourful bus sculpture

colourful bus sculpture

For more information about the Croydon trail (and plans for all the buses next year) visit either of these links: