Please Use Other Footpath

Are there too many people in central London?

illustration of London architecture

illustration of London architecture

This new image was inspired by that feeling I get sometimes when London isn't quite as fun as it should be. All it takes is a stuffy tube ride, a cancelled train home, feeling travel sick on the bus, etc. and even the most loyal Londoner thinks it might be healthier to live by a babbling river in the Oxfordshire countryside. This is not peculiar to Londoners, I'm sure. All modern (and historical) city dwellers have bad days when they wished they had the streets to themselves.

The apparent onslaught of quickly built skyscrapers is due to arrive any week now, if you believe what you read. We may all like the shining pinnacles when they are complete, but I think it is a genuine worry for people. They don't seem to be for anyone other than rich corporate boardroom goers. Architecturally, it could end up as a pissing contest - my urban erection is bigger than yours!

However, despite all this, my image ended up being quite pretty with a low sun, dramatic shadows and warm colours. Hopefully it bodes well for the future: even glass and steel can look attractive in the right light. I call it 'Please Use Other Footpath'.

Vicky and Bert go to the Park

Vicky and Bert Another pen and ink addition to my 'statues coming to life' series - 'Vicky and Bert'. I felt that I needed to do something that was a bit more summery, with a colour other than red. It made a nice change doing the thinking and photographing in a warm, sunny Kensington Gardens, rather than a dark and damp Crystal Palace Park earlier in the year, too. For the figure of Albert,  I obviously went to see his sparkling gold memorial statue (also in Kensington) but for Queen Victoria I found a great statue of her lurking in Croydon. Just outside the main library (Croydon Clocktower) she sits, overlooking a pelican crossing and one of those unforgettable 1960's office blocks that poor old Croydon is crammed full of. Yes, Albert does have an iPad.