Vicky and Bert go to the Park

Vicky and Bert Another pen and ink addition to my 'statues coming to life' series - 'Vicky and Bert'. I felt that I needed to do something that was a bit more summery, with a colour other than red. It made a nice change doing the thinking and photographing in a warm, sunny Kensington Gardens, rather than a dark and damp Crystal Palace Park earlier in the year, too. For the figure of Albert,  I obviously went to see his sparkling gold memorial statue (also in Kensington) but for Queen Victoria I found a great statue of her lurking in Croydon. Just outside the main library (Croydon Clocktower) she sits, overlooking a pelican crossing and one of those unforgettable 1960's office blocks that poor old Croydon is crammed full of. Yes, Albert does have an iPad.